Sitting at a desk all day?

Many of us are working from home, sitting all day at a screen. Nobody seems to move as much as they normally do. This is making us stiff, achey and tired.

Top tips to think about to prevent this

  • You need to move! Regularly!
  • Use a big screen and a separate keyboard
  • Put the screen straight in front of you
  • You should be about arms length from the screen
  • Your eyes should be looking at the upper part of the screen
  • Your chair should fit you. So you can sit using the backrest to support you
  • Armrests should be able to slide under the desk so you can be close to the desk and keyboard or mouse
  • Your arms should be able to rest on the desk
  • Your feet should be on the ground, use a foot rest if not
  • Do you need glasses? Use them!
  • Is your room bright enough? Turn on the light!
  • Is there a glare? Pull the blind down!
  • Look away from the screen every 20 minutes for 20 seconds and blink or focus on a distant point
  • You need to exercise every day
  • Walk or run
  • Stretch. Everybody’s necks, shoulders and upper backs are static. You need to move!

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