Practice Privacy Statement 

Practice Name Susan Quin Physiotherapy

Practice Address 472 Howth Road Raheny Dublin 5

Practice Phone Number 01 8315066

Data Controller Lead for Data Protection Susan Quin MISCP, Dip Physio TCD, MAppSci Manip Therapy (University of South Australia)

Practice Privacy Statement

Patient consent is important in dealing with patient health information. This leaflet is about making consent meaningful by informing you of our policies and practices for dealing with your personal information. 

This Physiotherapy Practice wants to ensure the highest standard of Physiotherapy care for our patients. 

We work with an ethic of privacy and confidentiality. 

How we deal with your information is consistent with the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapy Guidelines and the privacy principles of the General Data Protection Regulation. 

In order to undertake Physiotherapy care we must collect and process personal data and data concerning health. 

This leaflet is about advising you of our policies and practices on dealing with your Physiotherapy information. 

The processing of personal data in Physiotherapy is necessary in order to protect the vital interests of the patient and for the provision of health care and public health. 

In most circumstances we hold your data until 8 years after your death or 8 years since your last contact with the practice. There are exceptions to this rule. The data is retained for 8 years after a person under 17 years of age turns 17.

Managing Your Information

In order to provide for your care here we need to collect and keep information about you and your health on our records. 

  • We retain your information securely. 
  • We will only ask for and keep information that is necessary. 
  • We will attempt to keep it as accurate and up to-date as possible. 
  • We will explain the need for any information we ask for if you are not sure why it is needed. 
  • We ask you to inform us about any relevant changes that we should know about. This would include such things as any new treatments or investigations being carried out that we are not aware of. 
  • Please also inform us of any change of address and phone numbers.
  • All persons in the practice (not already covered by a professional confidentiality code) sign a confidentiality agreement that explicitly makes clear their duties in relation to personal health information and the consequences of breaching that duty.
  • We may need to disclose some of this information to other Health and Social Care Professionals in order to provide you with the treatment and services you need. Only the relevant part of your record will be released. These other professionals are also legally bound to treat your information with the same duty of care and confidentiality that we do. 
  • Disclosures Required or Permitted Under Law provides that in certain instances personal information (including health information) can be disclosed, e.g. in the case of infectious diseases. 
  • In the case of Disclosures to Insurance Companies or Requests made by Solicitors for your records we will only release the information with your signed consent. 
  • It is usual for Physiotherapists to discuss patient case histories as part of their continuing Physiotherapy Education or for the purpose of training Physiotherapists and/or Physiotherapy students. In these situations the identity of the patient concerned will not be revealed.The Information is used for Training, Teaching and Quality Assurance.  
  • It is usual for patient information to be used for Research and Audit in order to improve services and standards of practice. Information used for such purposes is done in an anonymised or pseudonymised manner with all personal identifying information removed. 
  • You have the Right of Access to all the personal information held about you by this practice. If you wish to see your records, in most cases the quickest way is to discuss this with your Physiotherapist who will review the information in the record with you. You can make a formal written access request to the practice and receive a copy of your medical records. These will be provided to you within thirty days, without cost.  
  • If you decide at any time and for whatever reason to Transfer to Another Practice we will facilitate that decision by making available to your new Physiotherapist a copy of your records on receipt of your signed consent from your new Physiotherapist. For medico-legal reasons we will also retain a copy of your records in this practice for an appropriate period of time which may exceed seven years. 
  • You have Other Rights Under Data Protection Regulations in relation to transfer of data to a third country, the right to rectification or erasure, restriction of processing, objection to processing, data portability and you also have the right to lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Commissioner.

We hope this leaflet has explained any issues that may arise. If you have any questions, please speak to the Physiotherapist.