Physiotherapy Treatment for Neck Pain

Physiotherapy treatment will help to reduce your neck pain and stiffness, improve your neck range of motion and develop your neck’s strength and stability (strength, power and endurance muscles). Here at Susan Quin Physiotherapy, I also concentrate on preventing further neck pain through individual exercise programmes and advice.


Symptoms of Neck Pain

  • Pain in the neck area 
  • Neck, upper back and shoulder stiffness
  • Muscle spasm or tightness
  • Pain spreading from the neck out to the shoulders and arms, or down to the shoulder blades or up to the head
  • Headaches
  • Tenderness
  • Pins and needles and numbness (neurological symptoms)

Common Causes of Neck Pain

  • Sustained postures at work, while studying or reading. Not moving or changing position
  • Degeneration (joint wear and tear), e.g. disc degeneration, arthritis
  • Trauma, e.g. a road traffic accident, a fall or impact, a sports injury
  • A crick ‘becoming locked’. Your neck sometimes locks during a quick turn of your head or when sleeping at a funny angle
  • Repetition of a movement e.g. painting overhead, turning your head in only one direction while swimming, cutting a hedge,

Physiotherapy Treatment Includes:

Manual Therapy including mobilisation, manipulation, myofascial techniques, trigger point therapy and massage to loosen stiff joints and tight muscles and to reduce pain

Exercises to improve movement and coordination (patterns of movement)

Exercises to improve strength and stability (control of movement)


Advice on how to manage every day activities. How to pace your activities e.g. driving, lifting, gardening or painting

Advice on pillows and mattresses if your sleep is disturbed by neck pain

Advice on ergonomics. How to improve your workstation, your screen, seat and desk. The importance of moving regularly when working at a computer.

I will assess your neck and give you a diagnosis and treatment plan.

I will explain why you are sore and stiff and how to prevent recurrences.

Tips to Prevent Neck Pain

  • Exercise, stretch and move regularly
  • Get a pillow that suits your neck
  • If you spend a long time in one position remember to change position and move
  • Take breaks from what you are doing whether it is sitting at a computer, sitting in a car or cutting a hedge
  • Put your computer monitor at eye level
  • Use a headset if using a keyboard and phone at the same time
  • Carry weight evenly e.g. a backpack or a cross body bag is best. Lighten your load.

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