Physiotherapy Treatment for Hip Pain

At Susan Quin Physiotherapy I treat people with lots of different hip problems. I have a lot of experience treating both older and younger patients with hip conditions. I will be able to diagnose the cause of your pain and highlight any contributing factors, including the lower back, core stability, feet or knees. Physiotherapy treatment is an effective way to manage the majority of hip pain. People of different age groups experience quite different hip problems.


Physiotherapy Treatment of Hip Pain in the Older Patient

The most common hip problems are osteoarthritis and other conditions like trochanteric bursitis (inflammation of the bursa at the outside of the hip) and gluteal tendinopathy (damage to the tendon). 

These conditions can hurt your hip when walking (especially longer distances), going upstairs, at night in bed, getting up from a chair or getting out of a car. The pain can be at the back, side or front of your hip. 

Physiotherapy Treatment involve changes to activity and behaviour, manual therapy (joint mobilisation and massage), tips on daily activity, e.g. seating, pillows to support your hip at night, and a carefully prescribed exercise programme to strengthen and control your hip movement.

Physiotherapy Treatment of Hip Pain in the Younger Patient

The main hip problems in the younger patient or athlete include Labral Tears (cartilage injury) and Synovitis (inflammation inside the hip joint). These are often caused by a condition known as Femoro-Acetabular Impingement (FAI) Syndrome (extra bone grows along one or both of the hip joint bones and they do not fit well together). 

The pain is often described as deep inside the hip or groin and can be associated with clicking when you move your hip.

It is diagnosed by examining the hip movements, the description of the pain and x-rays. 

Physiotherapy treatment includes manual therapy to loosen the stiff joint and ease the pain, exercises to strengthen and control the hip movements and advice on what activities will aggravate/help the hip.

Can my Back Make my Hip Hurt?

Hip pain can also be due to an injury to your back. This is referred pain. The nerve signals from the back get confused on their way to and from the brain, and the brain sends pain signals to the hip. If you have back pain, your tummy muscles may get weak and this changes how you move. This in turn alters your hip movement and can contribute to the problem. Physiotherapy treatment address these issues as well.

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