Physiotherapy Treatment for Chronic Pain

Pain is complicated. Everybody is different from the moment that they are injured. So each pain is an individual experience. Sometimes pain carries on for longer than 12 weeks, this is called chronic pain. Physiotherapy treatment supports patients with chronic pain by believing in them, by motivating them, by recognising their limitations and by helping them control their pain.


What is Chronic Pain?

  • Chronic pain is pain that carries on for longer than 12 weeks despite medication or treatment and is hard to accept and understand.
  • Most people get back to normal following an injury or an operation. But sometimes the pain carries on for longer.
  • There are many causes of chronic pain including: arthritis, trauma, surgery and medical conditions.
  • Chronic pain does not behave the same as other pains. Keeping on moving is important. Doing nothing is not a good idea. Often pain is there anyway no matter what the activity. It is important to break the link between expecting movement to be painful and so being afraid to move at all and keeping all your daily activities going.

Physiotherapy Treatment of Chronic Pain aims to:

  • Control the pain
  • Maintain movement
  • Encourage everyday activities
  • Prevent the condition getting worse
  • Prevent complications of more inactivity
  • Address the BioPsychoSocial aspects of the symptoms (i.e. the biological, psychological and social impacts on pain)
  • Support behavioural modification therapy (support positive beliefs about movement or behaviour)

Physiotherapy treatment aims to give support to you. Treatment is different and unique to each person and their pain. There is no one recipe to treat everybody.

When you get hurt or sick, this happens to you in a different way to anyone else. Your memories, ideas, experiences and perceptions are individual to you. So if two people get the same injury, it will always be different because of all these other things. The support you get from physiotherapy is also affected by what you believe, who has treated you and what they believe, and by their skills.

Try reading: Explain Pain by David S Butler and G Lorimer Moseley

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