Physiotherapy Treatment For Back Pain

I have over 30 years of experience and expertise treating back pain. Physiotherapy treatment helps to decrease your back pain, increase your movement, improve your postural control and improve your function.


Physiotherapy Treatment for Back Pain includes:

  • Advice on daily activities
  • Education
  • Massage
  • Manual therapy to improve movement and back pain
  • A prescribed exercise plan for movement, strength, flexibility, stability and function
  • Heat / Ice
  • Postural advice
  • Use of back supports
  • Ergonomic advice

Symptoms of Back Pain include:

  • Pain – sharp, achey, twinge, darting,
  • Stiffness
  • Spasm
  • Pins and Needles / Numbness
  • Tenderness
  • Weakness
  • Leg Pains
  • These symptoms can be from muscles, discs, nerves or joints

Low Back Pain is very common

60-80% of us will complain of low back pain at some time in our life. Evidence-based research supports Physiotherapy as an effective treatment for back pain.

Back Pain can be in the:

  • Mid-back (Thoracic) area
  • Ribs and Chest area
  • Low Back (Lumbar) area
  • Pelvis

Causes of Back Pain

  • Sudden incident or Injury, e.g. a twist, lift or fall
  • Poor, sustained posture
  • Poor muscle control, e.g. weak core muscles
  • Accumulation of stress, e.g. lifting, bending,
  • Inflammatory conditions, e.g. arthritis, spondylitis, 
  • Bone disease

What makes Back Pain worse?

  • Psychological issues like fear of damage and fear of not improving
  • Poor general health, e.g. tiredness, poor sleep, extra weight, very little exercise
  • Over protecting your back and avoiding movement
  • Social triggers, e.g. poor relationships, low job satisfaction, a family illness or death

Top Tips for Back Pain

  • Stay active, keep moving
  • When sitting for a long time, get up and move
  • Keep fit
  • Warm up before activity
  • Get enough sleep
  • Stay positive
  • Avoid bed rest
  • If your back pain is not resolving go and see your Physiotherapist

Useful Links and Resources

ISCP Back Leaflet
NHS Choices



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